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Stream Songs

Song Chooser

Playing the songs
- Click at any song's title.
- After you linked to the song's page, wait for the song to play automatically.
- If the song doesn't start playing, click the "troubleshooter" link.
Downloading the songs
- Right click the "troubleshooter" link.
- Click "save target as.." (Windows Internet Explorer) or "save link as.." (Mozilla Firefox) in the dialog box.
- Choose your location to put the song. (ex. My Music)
- Click save and wait for the download finish.
Choose another song
- Click "back to song chooser" link or click "song chooser" in the navigation bar.
- Click another song's title to play it.
Replay the song
- Click "refresh" (Windows Internet Explorer) or "reload current page" (Mozilla Firefox) at your browser's toolbar.
- Wait for the song to play again.

Play an online song within a second. No downloads required. Just click and enjoy!